Basics of filming and editing

Basics of filming and editing

Videos are needed by brands, bloggers, agencies and more. Learn filming and editing skills and make money on catchy videos.

Updated course in 2023

We have rewritten video tutorials on working with Adobe Premiere - you will receive up-to-date knowledge about the new functions and capabilities of the latest version of the program. Learn the basics of installation and you will be able to earn money in just 3 months.


Learn to film and edit in 5 months

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Master the basics in 2 areas: cinematography and video editing

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Create a video for your portfolio

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You will be able to work as a freelancer and take on several projects at the same time

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About the profession

A videographer creates videos - from the idea to the final result: he builds the composition of the frame, adjusts the lighting, shoots videos, edits them, and works with sound. Videographers make custom videos for social networks and brand advertising. With the growing popularity of Reels, Shorts and clips on VK, the demand for videographers has become even greater.

We help you understand and cope

We will promptly answer questions about homework and send you a high-quality analysis 💙

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Expert curators and live feedback

Curators will give comments on your works and help make them better. These are experts with more than 5 years of experience in the industry, they have undergone methodological training - they know how to explain complex things and inspire development.

  • Learning community for communication and exchange of experience
  • Help with all technical issues
  • Permanent access to the course and chat on Telegram

Validation of your skills

You will receive a standard certificate, which will become an additional argument for the employer.

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